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Beaverhead River

Standing on the porch of the shop, we can see the cottonwoods which flank the Beaverhead a few hundred yards away.  This Blue Ribbon river is our home river and where we spend a good part of our season.  While it's known for its upper 5 miles which most tailwaters are, there are some hidden gems down the meandering other 55 to Twin Bridges.  Travelling mostly through ranchland the populations of trout aren't as high but typically are bigger on average.  This being said the upper stretch was shocked this spring and our FWP Biologist said he had a hard time finding a fish under 18".  The entomology on this river is very prolific and produces a fish factory of sorts.  These fish are usually taken by nymphs but one can definitely have windows of great dry and streamer action.  Also, late season Giant Crane flies can be seen skating the service to be exploded upon by these big browns much like what we fly-fished in Patagonia, Chile with the Dragon flies.

Young guy wih Brown 2.jpg
Young guy with Brown 5.jpg
young guy with Rainbow 3.jpg
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